Boosting – Is It Good or Bad?

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Is boosting beneficial or harmful? Or a little bit of both?

We constantly see and hear criticism of boosters on forums, in chat, under some videos, and everywhere in general. They say, they spoil the game, they spoil the economy, they can’t breathe in chat rooms from offers and in general, they killed the spirit of WoW. On the other hand, the demand to buy WoW boost generates supply.

Specific examples

  • Promotion of ratings

Now there is a system that noticeably spoils the lives of ordinary players, especially those who come into the game somewhere in the middle of the expansion. In this case, the player can buy a rating boost.

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Image by Jihad Al Razqi from Pixabay

Still, an unscrupulous player can wind up a rating with boosters, and then ruin dungeons for ordinary players, because he has a high rating.

  • Receiving achievements and awards

Let’s say you don’t like PvE, like mythic raids and high keys. You’ll just get your non-combat rewards using boosting and be happy.

On the other hand, such awards should serve as proof of the exploits of the players, their achievements, and their strength. And if an honest player earned himself a rating in the arena and the title of gladiator, and another player got it while standing AFK, this will noticeably spoil the impression of his victory from an honest player.

  • Getting gold

Buying gold is also considered a boost. There is nothing wrong with buying yourself a couple hundred thousand gold, collecting all the beautiful mounts from the auction and will be happy.

But if you buy gold, you will use it to buy high-level clothes and, again, you will go to ruin rinks for other players…

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  • The general atmosphere of the game

There will be no contradictions and different points of view here. Boosting noticeably spoils the atmosphere of the game, this is a fact. Shouting in chat rooms, the realization that everything you achieve with your work, the other will get for money, can discourage the desire to play completely.

It turns out that basically boosting has both pros and cons. You do not need to get rid of it completely, because sometimes it is necessary! But something must be done, somehow adjusted.

Image by Ian van der Linde from Pixabay