Many buyers do not trust online stores and prefer to buy things, especially technique, in regular stores. Undoubtedly, ordering a phone online is always a risk. But in most cases, there are some positive aspects:


A smartphone purchased online on Taobao Agents has a lower price than a similar one on store shelves. Sometimes the price can be 1/3 lower than in various salons, and sometimes more. First of all, this attracts buyers.

Wide range of products

Sometimes you can find rare phone models online that cannot be found in regular stores. Also, new products appear on the Internet much earlier than on the shelves.

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You can read reviews about each store and the product you ordered. If, of course, it is serious and reliable. In addition, it is possible to compare the characteristics of different models online.

No need to leave home

The order is made via the Internet anywhere and delivered to the buyer by courier at home. This is an advantage, since a person does not need to travel and select a phone, stand in traffic jams and waste his time.

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Recommendations when choosing

First you need to analyze all the offers on the Internet and choose the most suitable option for yourself. You need to focus only on your own opinion, since it may not coincide with the opinions of others. The buyer should learn to understand the basic characteristics. Usually they are:

  • CPU;
  • Operating system;
  • Battery capacity;
  • Screen size

If you like a smartphone that is on sale in regular stores, then you have the opportunity to evaluate it there. With the help of tactile contact, a potential buyer will be able to assess whether he likes this gadget, , but all the advantages described above will then not have their value.

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